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Food and Agriculture is STEM

With a global food shortage expecting to double in demand over the next few years, the food and agriculture industry faces some significant challenges. Possibly an even greater challenge is having a robust and diverse STEM talent pool to address the global issues of food production and sustainability. 

An education in STEM opens a world of opportunities in the food and agriculture industry, and yet too few STEM students consider agricultural pathways.

When you explore what it takes to feed the world, you might be surprised at the numerous and diverse skill sets involved, the exciting, and sometimes surprising, roles that play a part in getting food from field to table. From digital agriculture to drones, the food and agriculture industry is more than farming and increasingly fueled by STEM.

In our ebook we explore the crossroads of STEM in food and agriculture, shining a light on careers and pathways to engage and inspire the next generation to consider opportunities in the food and agriculture industry. We’re talking drone bees, autonomous tractors and robots. Although it sounds like sci-fi, these are real technologies helping farmers improve production and solve the global food shortage.

The first in an ongoing series, join us on this ebook journey to explore the high-tech, rapidly changing industry of food and agriculture, where opportunities abound for future STEM generations to make a profound difference in the world.