Thursday, October 29, 2020

Virginia Tech Thinkabit Intern is a National Energy Careers Winner

Our Intern Shaurya Bedi is a National Energy Careers Winner!

The Center for Energy Workforce Development announced its individual and team winners for the Summer STEM Challenge for videos featuring Energy Careers.  Our own Shaurya Bedi was an individual winner.

2020 Summer Intern Challenge Winners Selected
CEWD announced the winners of its 2020 Summer Intern Challenge, a contest that invited students to create brief videos about careers in energy. We were energized by what we saw!

Individual Category

  1. From DTE, Diana Bonna
  2. From Virginia Tech Thinkabit Lab, Shaurya Bedi

Team Category

  1. Eversource Energy Interns: Allison Stanton, Cory Vandergrift, Chris Nguyen, Daniel Santos, Jenny Petipas, Lian Nicholson, and Raj Desai
  2. Central Hudson Interns: Ben Yager, Bridget Hart, John Farina, Kiana Carber, Matthew Araujo, Robert Powers


A new STEM Innovation Challenge will debut in January, allowing energy companies and their education partners to put participation plans together over the new several months. Learn more here.