Thursday, June 8, 2017

Governor McAuliffe recognizes our Urban Alliance Partners

“Thank you Urban Alliance for the great work you’ve done. This real life work experience is a real game changer in many people’s lives. Thank you to all the companies who already support Urban Alliance…and I would hope others hear how Urban Alliance is impactful for companies, and jump on it. I have too many jobs in Virginia I cannot fill…36,000 cybersecurity jobs to fill or they’re going to go elsewhere. The work that Urban Alliance does to get people in the workforce…we need to do this for the Commonwealth…we need to do this together.”

-Governor Terry McAuliffe

Employing local youth is good for business, and there is no shortage of eager youth from Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria public schools ready to intern this fall. That is where Urban Alliance comes in.

Urban Alliance is a national leader in youth employment, using our results-driven model to help put young people on pathways to economic independence. Click here to learn more about Urban Alliance, or take the next step to find out how to partner by clicking here.