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The mission of the Qualcomm® Thinkabit Lab™ at Virginia Tech, National Capital Region, is to serve Washington, D.C. area students, teachers, administrators, parents, and collaborators in technical career exploration and the hands-on electronic and programming foundations of IOT and Smart Cities sensors, actuators, and data collection and analysis. In doing so, we are preparing our future STEM workforce and our increasingly diverse, technology-driven community for jobs that may not yet exist. VT-Thinkabit will work with like-minded teams, organizations and individuals interested in promoting curiosity, innovation, creativity, and students’ self-actualization and self-determination.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Building your own computer input devices

Makey Makey is a great tool for helping learners of all ages appreciate the broad scope of input devices that could become widely useful in a 5G wireless environment.  Our 9th grade intern Maddy led a workshop today for our CyberJutsu Girls camp and the results were terrific.

More on the Women's Society of  CyberJutsu and the Girls Academy:

More on Makey Makey kits:

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