Relevant APG and VERSO Resources

These resources are most relevant to Virginia teachers, but the many, many links withing will be useful to any teacher or camp instructor.

Relevant APG and VERSO Resources

You can already find the elements of our program throughout middle school Tech Ed and Engineering courses.  I don't know why the APG is structured differently than VERSO, but you can use these APG links to search for the course number in VERSO:


The first 33 competencies are standard for all technical courses, and this course has additional safety standards (34-44), so the electronics and robotics-specific standards begin at number 45

In both cases, despite these courses being available to nearly any school in the country, we estimate that only 3% of students have this experience in schools that have the courses. In most school districts, music students cannot take CTE courses.  Therefore we try three things with our school partners:  
  • help MS Tech Ed and Engineering teachers provide these experiences in the 6th grade "wheel" course (12, 9 or 6 weeks);
  • provide access through after-school clubs; and 
  • engage 5th graders to create a much greater demand for the related 7th and 8th grade courses.