CEED Training Week

The Basics from our Qualcomm sponsors:    https://www.thinkabitlab.com/arduino-activities 

Traffic Light and Servo Motor Teaching Outline:    https://goo.gl/EhA5k5

Introducing Serial Monitors and Serial Inputs:

Our serial monitor user input simulation for IOT/Smart Cities is at 

(With the Arduino serial monitor open, type f for fast blink, s for slow blink)

Our related project for rush-hour / regular traffic light is at  https://goo.gl/EeidwC

Our ultrasonic sensor for Servo motor or LED operation is available at  https://goo.gl/iaVnaM

(at close range, an LED comes on and the servo moves, as an office building door unlocking)

IOT and Smart Cities Slides:   https://goo.gl/BK4fBz 

Arduino Shield BoeBots: